Coronavirus. The Superlega stops until the 3 April. Callipo: “A wise decision”

The council of Superlega, met with urgency, decided, unanimously, to adopt the resolution passed today by the CONI, and then, as a precautionary measure, to adapt to the suspension of sporting competitions up to the 3 April, waiting for the government to adopt with a special Decree the resolved CONI.

Is without prejudice to any further decision on the basis of the evolution of the current situation.

The words of the president of the giallorossi Pippo Callipo to the end of the meeting:
Suspend the League was the wisest decision that we could arrive at such a delicate time for everyone. It was our obligation to strive for the protection of the health of our athletes and of the workers to the jobs that would have been involved also with the conduct of matches behind closed doors. We have not been thinking only of those who populate the universe of volleyball but to the protection of the entire territory. The trips and the hospitality of the teams from other areas of the Country, in fact, would only increase the spread of the Coronavirus“.

In the light of this provision, the Tonno Callipo Calabria will play the games scheduled in the month of march.


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